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About Us

Home is where we are together...

Olliewoods Oasis is owned and loved by Ollie and Paula Oliver.

Paula is a native Texan who has lived in San Antonio her entire life and Ollie is a native Cheesehead who got to Texas as fast as he could!

Paula and Ollie’s welcoming, friendly, relaxed vibe is one of the selling points of this multi-purpose space. Often called People Collectors, their love of bringing people together is apparent in the space they have created. Their tendencies for laughter and fun are contagious, 

giving the space a ‘groovy’ welcoming atmosphere.  

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How It All Started

Together Under the Stars is our favorite place to be...

We love being together and we love being home

but we have always shared a love for camping.

The early 1990's saw us at our most primitive camping.

You can probably guess what we were missing.

With our suitcase sized jam box eating D size batteries

like candy and pumping out the jams, along with some

great grilled food we were in heaven.

Fast forward 30 years, we have our sweet little Ruby

but can’t seem to get her out the driveway

much less to a campsite.

Feeling a last minute itch to camp

we decided to put her out by the park,

face her away from the house and pretend we were camping. We had so much fun we did it again the next weekend.

Our neighbors thought we were nuts

but the wheels started turning and haven’t stopped since!

Now we love to turn others into Happy Glampers too!


We put the Glam in Glamping! 

Stay Trippy Little Hippie

The term glamping is a combo of camping and glamor!  But, far from the posh, shiny glamor of the city, this space is filled with a natural beauty and charm that entices visitors to toss itineraries and find adventure, spontaneity, and excitement in their plans.

Basically, we will have you camping with style, electricity, and a whole lot less dirt! While we have some touches of home, comfort, and even some extra fabulous amenities, alarm clocks and shoes are never required! Remember it was once quoted, “The time that you enjoyed wasting is never wasted time.” -By Some Ol’ Hippie

And we can’t help but agree!

Olliewoods Oasis is a groovy and alternative camping retreat and event space designed to bring people together. We feature quirky campers, an enchanting teepee with a firepit, and a swimming pool.

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How to Get Here!

11730 Lost Meadows, Schertz Tx, 78108

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